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You can now claim your $DOGE20 tokens. Plus, stake your tokens to earn rewards! Connect your Wallet to $DOGE20 to claim and stake your tokens

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Our Doge just got more rewarding

line Prepare for the ultimate Doge upgrade! We're sending Elon's fave towards a more sustainable future. Stake DOGE20 today to start earning eco-friendly rewards.
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Good Boy Staking!

Utilising smart contracts powered by Ethereum, DOGE20 is much more than a meme coin and brings passive earning potential to the community. Harness the power of your DOGE20 tokens by staking and earning rewards, making your tokens work for you. BUY NOW arrow

Convenient Wallet!

There’s no need to worry about complicated wallets and custody of your tokens. DOGE20 is built on Ethereum, meaning you automatically gain more flexibility with your ERC-20 tokens. Use what you already have. BUY NOW arrow
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No More Inflation!

Dogecoin is a beloved token but has been limited in its potential future worth because it has an infinite supply that will always emit more tokens into the market. DOGE20 fixes this with a fixed supply, allowing for unhindered upwards pressure on the token price. BUY NOW arrow


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Token Information

DOGE20 tokenomics include smart staking rewards, meaning you can earn right away.
25% of supply sold in presale 25% allocated to marketing 25% for the project treasury 15% used for staking rewards 10% for exchange liquidity
DOGE20 Token Address: 0x2541A36BE4cD39286ED61a3E6AFC2307602489d6
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Dogecoin20 offers a new passive rewards opportunity to the meme coin scene but could also benefit from token price appreciation. DOGE20 has a fully diluted starting market cap nearly 900 times cheaper than the original Dogecoin.


All you need to buy DOGE20 tokens at the lowest presale price is a decentralised wallet containing ETH, BNB, or USDT. Simply connect to the widget above to swap tokens! BUY NOW arrow
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Frequently Asked Questions

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